FH's Best Blogs of 2016

2016 was FrazierHeiby's Best Year Ever. As we prepare for another great year in 2017, here is a look back at our best blog posts of the past twelve months.


Can a Brand Play Pok©mon GO?
Lara Kretler, Vice President

It was hard not to get swept up in the viral sensation of Pok©mon GO this weekend. You likely either saw people out playing it - holding up their cell phones as they walked or ran down the street - or you heard people talking about it on social media.


Chase is Targeting Millennials with Generational Marketing
Mellissa Gallagher, Account Specialist

Chase launched a brand new credit card: the Chase Sapphire Reserve. The card has exploded in popularity since its launch, to the point that Chase can't produce the metal cards fast enough. But Chase isn't using any of the traditional marketing routes. Instead, they are using specific strategies to market to millennials directly.


Cleveland Police Uses Social Media to Ace Republican National Convention
Ann Mulvany, Senior Account Executive

At the 2016 Republican National Convention, the Cleveland Division of Police did a stellar job managing the crowds and conflict - all while reinforcing its actions and reassuring citizens on social media.


Facebook Tips: Anatomy of the New Page Layout
Wesleigh Mowry, Graphic Designer

By now you've likely heard of the recent change to the Facebook Feed algorithm, which will favor the posts by family and friends in your feed. As a result, you'll see a lower number of posts coming from Pages you like.


7 Ways to Transform Your Office
Ann Mulvany, Senior Account Executive

Most working adults spend 40+ hours a week in an office. And unless you're reading this from your cube at Google, odds are good that your workspace could use a little sprucing. Depending on your workplace culture and industry, all of these items may not work for you, but there's something for everyone.


When Food Goes Bad: Grading Brands' Crisis Response
Kathleen Anthony, Vice President

In 2015, we saw some well-known and beloved brands, in particular Chipotle Mexican Grill and Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams, shift into crisis mode as food-safety recalls or illness besieged their businesses. So, how did they rate in their crisis communications response?


4 New Features Shaking up Social Media
Monica Bickford, Intern

Social media has always been a useful marketing tool. But, like anything over time, change happens. In the last few months, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook all rolled out new features that are changing the social media game. Here's what you need to know.


Top 10 Sites for Free Stock Photos
Wesleigh Mowry, Graphic Designer

Finding the perfect photo to accompany your blog or social media post can be complicated - especially if you're on a budget. Rather than resorting to clip art, try some of our favorite websites for high-quality stock photography that is free to download and use.


How to Build Trust with Millennials
Bryan Haviland, Cheif Executive Officer

One of the more interesting findings uncovered during our Columbus Trust Study concerns the erosion of trust in America. It's particularly severe among the Millennial generation, which now represents the largest block of the American workforce.


How PR Can Turn America's Small Towns Around
Bryan Haviland, Cheif Executive Officer

Successful towns will be quick to adopt public relations principles as they look to create and market compelling visions that focus their development efforts to foster entrepreneurship and attract future investment from companies around the globe.