10 Insights from Our Most Popular Blog Posts

Our blog has nearly 300 posts to date and all of that great content is jam-packed with wisdom to help you communicate better. We took a peek at our analytics to find our most popular blog posts — and pulled out ten great insights to help boost your blogging efforts.

1. Reference Other Experts

FH blog post: The Difference Between Crisis and Issues Management
This post mentions and links to a well-known crisis and issues management author, lending an extra layer of credibility to an already great post.

2. Don’t Be Afraid Of A Long Read

FH blog post: Tips to Prepare for Your PR Internship Interview
At almost 1,000 words, this post is longer than our typical blog post, but gives thoughtful, detailed advice that is useful to readers.

3. People Love Quotes

FH blog post: 10 Quotes About Trust to Share with Your Team
A curated list of quotes tied to a specific topic can be a big help to Google searchers looking for just that — and shows that you’ve done your homework.

4. Kick Off A Series

FH blog post: Generational Marketing: The Silent Generation
We found a topic that garnered some traffic and expanded it into an entire series of posts that link to one another (which is a great way to boost SEO using internal links), starting with this one.

5. Include Engaging, Original Photos

FH blog post: QuirkyOhio: Chinese Lantern Festival
Of all the stops in our #QuirkyOhio series, this post gets the most traffic — no doubt due in part to the beautiful images!

6. Tie In With Other Initiatives

FH blog post: Building Trust with the 3 C’s
Our annual Columbus Trust Study has taught us a lot, including the value of sharing highlights in a blog post like this one, then linking back to the full study results.

7. Share Your Knowledge And Experience

FH blog post: 4 Tips to Get Your Snapchat Filter Approved
It took us a few tries to get our first Snapchat filter approved, but once we got the kinks worked out, we shared what we learned with our audience — and have gotten hundreds of views as a result.

8. Watch What’s Trending

FH blog post: Chase is Targeting Millennials with Generational Marketing
This piece, inspired by a celebrity’s sponsored post on Instagram, gives a critique of a big brand through a lens relevant to our audience.

9. Link To Other Blogs

FH blog post: Top 5 Senior Blogs to Follow
When in doubt, write a listicle that links to outside sources, boosting both their credibility and yours.

10. Sprinkle In A Little Humor

FH blog post: Color of the Year Predictions for 2016
This post jumped on the timely bandwagon of Pantone’s annual announcement but gave some tongue-in-cheek pop culture predictions. It remains one of our most visited posts two years later.

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