Where people come first
and hustle has heart.

Employee Experience

Our people are our greatest asset, and we treat them that way. We succeed by working together, learning from one another and applying new knowledge. Together, we drive toward our agency vision, guided by a shared mission and principles.

Each team member is responsible for fostering a culture of inclusion—actively seeking out novel ways of thinking, diverse ideas and experiences. We’re committed to ensuring the following statements ring true for everyone.

  • I can bring my whole self to work.
  • My voice is welcome and heard.
  • My well-being matters.
  • I can work when and where I am most productive.
  • I trust my peers and leaders.
  • My career path is self-determined and supported.
  • I am inspired by the work, workers and workplace.
Slide Nine employees setting at a picnic table laughing together

Our culture is built on the foundational principle to value the work, perspective and dignity of others.

As a leadership team, we make decisions based on people, not profit. Since 2019, we’ve instituted operational changes to prioritize the life/work balance of our team including unlimited day-to-day flexibility, staff-wide billable capacity reduction to allow more time for professional development, 12 weeks paid family leave, and redesigned PTO policy to proactively support every employee in finding balance throughout the year.

We are an inclusive agency and intentionally seek out team members who bring different perspectives to the table and represent our multifaceted community. This not only improves the quality, sensitivity and cultural relevance of our work—it’s also a small way to fight against and change the deeply rooted culture of historic discrimination and exclusion in America.

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