3 Must-Dos Before Redesigning Your Website

Your website plays a major role in converting strangers into customers and redesigning an outdated site can enhance credibility and boost business. But before you begin, here are three steps you shouldn't skip.

Get Reacquainted with Your AudienceThe purpose of your website is to show visitors how you can help them. Your site needs to meet the needs of your primary audiences without visitors having to expend much effort. Know what your audiences want and design your site to quickly and easily deliver those things.

And on the topic of audiences...

Look at your past Google Analytics data (and HubSpot, if you have it), and see who's visiting your site. Comparing those visitors with your ideal audience will give you a good indication of whether or not you're attracting potential customers.

Dive Deep into Your Current SiteBefore you begin building a new website, explore what is and isn't working on your current site.

What pages are people viewing and how long are they staying? What pages haven't seen the light of day? View your site through the lens of your target audience and use the data to inform your new content and site structure.

PRO TIP: Note short-term fixes you can make to the current site while you're waiting for the new one to be built. Website projects take time and you can make the most of it by tweaking content, A-B testing and updating information.

Set Your Budget, and Make it RealisticCompare what you can spend with how much the site you want will cost.

Budget for all parts of the process including project management, research, site mapping, wire framing, visual design, copy writing and more. Depending on your internal capabilities, you may only need to outsource certain parts of the project, which will keep your costs down.

PRO TIP: No one wants a sleek, new site with clunky old photos, so remember to include related expenses like updated photography, videos and headshots. These add up quickly!

By planning ahead, you'll ensure that your new online presence represents your organization in the best possible way.