3 Reasons You Should Invest In Good Design

Design is one of the easiest areas to overlook when budgeting for the launch of a new product, company or brand. You've already invested time and resources into the execution of your idea, is it really worth it to also pay good money to make it look nice? The short answer is "yes." Why is it so important? Here are three great reasons.

  1. It establishes legitimacy.If you've ever done an online search to find the best site to buy a product from, you know how important credible design can be. Are you more apt to give your credit card information to a plain white website with black text and grainy product photos, or one with a pleasing layout, beautiful photography and easy-to-understand forms? Chances are you'll pick the latter - it looks more legitimate and, therefore, trustworthy. Good design builds trust, and trust is a key factor to sustainable business success.
  1. It makes you more appealing to customers and investors. When trying to reach to customers and investors, leading with good visuals is a must. First impressions are extremely important in marketing - you only have about eight seconds to grab interest or attention. Think of it this way: you can bake the most delicious cake but, unless the icing makes it appealing, few will try it. Launching a product, company or brand with an enticing design gives you a higher chance of being noticed.
  1. It makes your staff proud to work for you. According to Forbes, "one of the most powerful brand assets your company has is your people." For an endeavor to succeed, it's important that your staff is on-board and engaged. Want an easy way to boost your team's pride? Give them a brand they are excited to wear on shirts, hats and anything else that can aid them in being enthusiastic brand ambassadors. Companies with employees who trust their employer see higher satisfaction ratings - and higher financial performance.

Good design is about more than just making something look pretty - it's about building legitimacy, appeal and pride in your project. Succeed in your next endeavor by making an investment in design.