3 Scary-Good Brand Collabs We Love

This Halloween season, we’ve spotted a few brand collabs that put us under a spell.

There’s nothing more frightening than a mismatched brand partnership that falls flat, feels forced, or fails to engage. This Halloween season, we’ve spotted a few mashups that were so bone-chillingly creative, gruesomely great and eerily elegant, they put us under a spell. Here are three current brand collabs that bring more treats than tricks:

Liquid Death X Martha Stewart: Martha Stewart has long been known for her impeccable presentation when it comes to food, beverage and home entertaining. She’s also known to have an edgy side, making her a devilishly fun partner for the mountain water brand, Liquid Death. The two paired up to launch the new “Dismembered Moments” Luxury Candle in the shape of a human hand clutching a can of the beverage, which you can actually buy at marthastewart.com. 

Hocus Pocus 2 X ColourPop: It’s been nearly three decades since the release of the original Halloween cinematic masterpiece, Hocus Pocus. Millennials rejoiced when news of a sequel was announced, and Hocus Pocus 2 is currently in theaters and on Disney+. One of the most iconic elements of the film was the make-up that transformed Sarah Jessica Parker, Kathy Najimi and (queen) Bette Middler into the Sanderson sisters, so it’s no surprise that ColourPop Cosmetics released a limited edition HP2 collection with product names like "Find the Book," "Candle is Alight," "Brew Another Batch."

Mountain Dew X Spirit Halloween: Spirit Halloween, the Groundhog Day of retailers, announced an exclusive deal with Mountain Dew to produce four carbonated costumes. Fans can also check out dewemporium.com now through October 31 for an immersive AR experience where they can win major prizes including Spirit Halloween Rewards. Both brands play to similar audiences and have leaned into humor and user-generated content within their marketing strategies in recent years. Only time will tell if the Spirit Halloween Theme Guy will try one on this year. 

Happy Halloween!