4 Blogs for Energy Buzz

It is said that knowledge is power¢€¦a saying that is particularly true when it comes to energy. As I have noted before, energy is a complex, diverse and complicated topic that can be incredibly difficult to wrap your head around.

From renewables to fossil fuels, politics to economics, there's a daily gusher of news to wonk out on. To make that task a little easier, here are four energy blogs to follow for your daily buzz.

Breaking Energy: This blog offers a little bit of everything - energy generation, regulation, technology and thought leadership. A good daily read for energy eggheads.

Fuel Fix: Produced by the Houston Chronicle, Fuel Fix delivers the latest in crude oil and natural gas news, including legislative and economic issues, straight from America's energy capital.

CleanTechnica: If you like your energy green, CleanTechnica offers news and commentary about renewables and emerging energy technology, including biomass and geothermal.

The Energy Collective: With the tagline "The world's best thinkers on energy & climate," The Energy Collective offers deep analysis and thought-provoking posts and news about energy policy, new technology and innovation.

Do you have a favorite energy blog? Please share it with us.