4 Elements of Memorable Storytelling

Some of the best storytelling advice I’ve received was simple and powerful: “Tell a story the way you’d like to be told a story.” But there’s a big difference between telling a story and storytelling. Make sure you’re doing it right by focusing on these four things.

1. Characters

A story should always be centered around a character. Find a focal point and let them tell the story. Again, let them tell the story. The best stories are ones where you take a step back and allow the audience to get a genuine feel for who, or what, you're talking about.

2. Moments

Little moments are what we remember. In stories, this can be anything from a character's laugh to a splash of personality. Pepper these moments throughout your stories—it makes all the difference.

3. Emotion

Stories with authenticity shine. The power of emotion can take the most mundane topic and turn it into something memorable. Create a connection with your audience by learning what they care most about and appealing to that.

4. Questions

We’ve all done it. We have a long list of interview questions and focus so intently on getting through them all that we forget the most important part of an interview—the listening. It’s easy to get lost in the list but, if you take time to listen, you’ll think of a follow-up question that’s ten times better than anything you could have written in advance. Every story is different, but the most important thing is starting with a clear vision and goal. Combining those with the four things listed above is a recipe for success.

What’s your favorite part of storytelling? Let us know in the comments.