4 Tips to Optimize Images for Social Media

It has been proven again and again that visuals are critical to successful communications. You probably know the importance of planning content for your social media channels, but do you know if your visuals are optimized to bring you the best results? Use these tips to liven up your social media with stunning visual content.

  1. Use high-quality images.Blurry, pixelated or distorted images will pretty much guarantee that your content won't be shared. Use crisp, high-resolution photos or illustrations that will wow your audience. Free stock image sites like Unsplash and Columbus-based Death to Stock are great resources for finding unique, high-quality photography. If possible, use your own custom photos that reflect your brand, or graphics produced by your creative team.
via Death to Stock

                                                                                     via Death to StockPRO TIP: Check out our list of the Top 10 Sites for Free Stock Photos for more great free images.

  1. Customize your images.Tempting as it may be to download a graphic from Google Images or one of the links above and attach it to your tweet or status update, that is not enough. Grab attention by editing the photo to suit your brand - this may mean color adjusting, overlaying text or adding your logo. If you don't have a creative team to back you up and are DIYing your blog and social graphics, apps like Canva and Over are great for making custom images.
Made using UnSplash image in Over

                                                                        Made using Unsplash image in Over

  1. Use the right format for the right platform.Every social media outlet has its own preferred dimensions for images shared on its network. To optimize your images and make sure they show up properly, follow the standards set by each outlet. Horizontal rectangular images work best on Twitter and Facebook, while Instagram and Pinterest prefer square or vertical rectangles. For exact dimensions, reference this 2016 Social Media Image Sizes Cheat Sheet that covers eight different social channels.
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                                                                                          via Hubspot

  1. Optimize your avatar and header graphics.Your social media networks are an extension of your website and online presence, so make sure that the images your followers see every day fit with your brand. As stated in the tip above, each site has it's own requirements, so reference the Cheat Sheet to make sure your logo and graphics look their best.
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PRO TIP: Pinterest and Instagram crop profile images to circles, so make sure your graphics are centered so they don't get  cropped awkwardly.

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