5 Steps to Better Ratings and Reviews

This post is part two of my series on improving your business’ online ratings and reviews. If you didn’t see part one about managing your online ratings and reviews, be sure to check it out. Online ratings and reviews are an important element of any digital communications program. Responding to online ratings and reviews shouldn’t be a knee-jerk reaction. It should be part of a long-term, strategic program rather than a short-term, tactical approach. According to Daniel Lemin, author of the book Manipurated, there are five steps to winning the online ratings and reviews game:

  1. Know where to see and be seen. Yelp, Google, TripAdvisor or RateMDs may be some of the sites to consider when it comes to online ratings and reviews. Know which sites make the most sense for your industry or brand – and watch the sites that refer the most traffic to you.
  2. Make every review count. Each review online is a part of the story of your business, and your response becomes part of that story. Address each rating or review with care to show effort and responsiveness.
  3. Keep it fresh. Because Google thrives on fresh content, don’t ever rest on your laurels. Velocity and frequency count. But be sure to ask your brand advocates at the right time when they are most likely to leave you a positive, raving review or rating.
  4. Show off great reviews. Thank reviewers for their feedback and then share their content in your newsletter, social streams, on your website – or all of the above. You want to reinforce and reward your tribe.
  5. Know how and why to seek help. If online reviews and ratings are a problem for you, consider seeking professional help to get your online reputation under control. Don’t cut corners – stay on top of your ratings and reviews so a small issue doesn’t become a larger crisis for your brand.

Can we help your business with a strategic digital communications program that incorporates monitoring, managing and responding to online ratings and reviews? Let us know – we’d love to assist you.