5 Things to Consider When Selecting Your Event Venue

If you are new to planning events, figuring out where to host your event can be a daunting task. Finding the perfect event location is critical and careful thought needs to be taken when considering a venue. Here are some questions to ask when selecting your event venue.

Is the venue available?If you already have a set date, make sure to ask each venue you are considering if the venue is available on that day. You will be able to sort through options more quickly if they aren't available when you need the space. If you are flexible on the date, this won't be as much of a factor, but you might want to consider strategically picking a date.

Is it large enough?You need to have an estimated number of attendees or, at the very least, a maximum attendance number to make sure you select a venue that is large enough to host your event. On the flip side, if you are expecting a small crowd, make sure the venue works for an intimate event and isn't so big that it will feel empty. Get started by using an online tool like EventUP to research event spaces and filter by number of attendees.

Where will guests park?Parking is an important aspect of selecting a venue. Make sure there are good options nearby that could include on-site parking, valet, or close off-site parking you can recommend. This will be one of the first questions guests ask. Additionally, when weighing your venue options, one venue might be more optimal if the parking situation will be more manageable for your guests.

Does the venue fit the tone of your event and brand?The venue will play a large role in how your event is perceived. For example, if you want a family-friendly, casual vibe, you might want to consider a park or bowling alley. If you want a more formal, business-like atmosphere, a country club or hotel might fit the bill.

What's included with the event space?Some venues can provide a variety of additional rentals and services, many free of charge. Find out what is and isn't included with your rental early on. If one venue provides tables, chairs and linens with your space rental free of charge, and another does not, you will definitely want to take that into consideration when thinking about costs and ease of setup and tear down.

Renting space can get very costly and add extra stress to your planning process but, if you consider all these factors when selecting your next event venue, you are sure to make a great choice.