5 Tricks to Tackle Stress in the Workplace

Stress is deadly. Researchers at Harvard and Stanford recently discovered that employment-related stress can decrease a person's lifespan. It's time to take back our sanity and make our workplaces healthier by reducing stress. Here are some ways to start.

  • Turn off your phone, or switch it to silent - not vibrate. Hearing your phone buzz hurts your productivity, even if you don't check it. Distractions lead to multitasking, which triggers your brain to produce a stress hormone. Create ¢€˜quiet times' where you can dive into a project and not be disturbed by emails, calls and texts.
  • Find ways to work away from a screen. Need to review a proposal? Print it out, find a spot away from your desk and make edits on paper. Switch your weekly call to a meeting over coffee. Getting up from your desk, away from a screen and out of the office recharges your mind and body.
  • Take breaks and move. Stand up, touch your toes, then reach for the ceiling. Anything to get blood moving. If you're feeling fancy, do a little yoga. Some poses are so simple that you can do them on a plane.
  • Consider a standing desk. Whether you splurge on the real deal or hack your way to healthy, make sure the desk and monitor are at the correct heights for you. You'll also want a foam mat to stand on for some extra cushion.
  • Drink water. Make sure you get enough to counteract any coffee, soda or tea you have during the day. As an added bonus, more fluids equals more bathroom breaks, getting you up from your desk regularly.

What are your best tricks for beating stress at work? Tell us in the comments section below! Feel free to check out our other tips for success in the workplace, too!