6 Content Marketing Distribution Tactics


Content marketing is a proven strategy in digital marketing that's a driving force behind many beloved brands. By creating extraordinary content, companies can attract new customers and establish themselves as a prominent industry thought leader. If you’re looking for best practice examples, check out these brands that did it right.While the formula for a successful content marketing campaign sounds simple, implementing a well-rounded, strategic program can be difficult. In fact, many organizations nail the content creation component, but forget one of the most important elements: distribution. You can create all the engaging content you want but, if you don’t distribute it correctly, nobody will ever read it. Try these 6 content marketing distribution tactics to amplify your content.

Social Media

Always share your content through your social platforms. This is the easiest way to drive followers to your website while adding value to their newsfeeds. If you post quality content regularly, followers will keep coming back and engage with it — which helps improve post reach.


If you’re collecting emails through inbound content offers — which you should be — you can repurpose and distribute content through an e-newsletter. This is a great way to get your best content in front of people who are already interested in what you have to say. Check outConstant Contact orMail Chimp if you’re looking to manage email lists and jumpstart your email marketing efforts.


If your article has a unique perspective, try sending it to an industry blog or other relevant publication. Many of these organizations are hungry for articles with an outside perspective and will gladly re-publish your best work. Getting an article published on a high-ranking website can also drive more people to your blog — making it a valuable asset for your SEO strategy.


Industry blogs and other publications aren't the only places you can republish your content. There are a ton of places to put your content that doesn't require a third party. For example, turning a blog post into aLinkedIn article can improve your LinkedIn presence without adding additional content creation requirements.Guest PostPartnering with a guest blogger can create a mutually beneficial relationship that drives highly engage followers to your content hubs. It's as simple as guest writing for each other's blogs and distributing your content through each other's social media platforms.

Utilize Employees

Encouraging employees or coworkers to share your content on social can get it in front of a new audience. Sending out a calendar invite reminding them to post or share your content regularly can get everyone involved and improve reach. Plus, with Facebook's new algorithm, sharing and engaging with content is more valuable than ever.Bonus tip: Don’t forget to dust off, repurpose and reuse old content. Once you’ve invested time into building a content library, make sure you take advantage of your collective efforts. Whether you repurpose a blog in a new medium or reshare on social, revisiting old content can make the most of your efforts.

If you’re looking for help building a content marketing program, want ideas about distributing content or just need advice about communicating better, let us know in the comments below!