7 Ways to Transform Your Office

Most working adults spend 40+ hours a week in an office. And unless you're reading this from your cube at Google, odds are good that your workspace could use a little sprucing. Depending on your workplace culture and industry, all of these items may not work for you, but there's something for everyone.

  1. Values Wall
    We're all guided by values. It's comforting to know other people's values so we can see how well they mesh with our own. For companies whose values are a core component of the culture, it makes sense to promote them in a public way. Help your customers, partners and employees feel good about their decision to work with and for you by showcasing your company values in the office.

  2. TV in the lobby
    One of the most potentially expensive items on the list is also one of the most universally applicable. A pediatrician, attorney or accountant could easily pull off a flat screen in the entry area. It's a good way to occupy guests with tailored content while they wait. Just like any other content, think about your audience, what they want and what you want them to do. Develop content that makes sense for your guests' place in the buyer's journey.  

  3. Spice up your conference room
    Let's face it - a conference room can be one of the most uninspiring and uninviting places in an office. Transform it into your work living room where people feel welcome and comfortable. This starts with good chairs, but becomes rapidly more exciting with a credenza full of beverages and topped with a custom candy bar in your company colors. Make your conference room a space where people want to be.

  4. Curated inspiration walls
    When writer's block strikes, or we're stuck in a difficult problem, we escape to our environment. It can be hugely helpful to turn away from the computer, get up, walk around and look at something that has nothing to do with what you were working on. Create a fun, colorful gallery in your office to provide the momentary distraction and inspiration your employees need.

  5. The Quirk Factor
    Is your CEO fond of bobble heads? Are you located in an old distillery? Do you operate a call center? Brainstorm and pick something unique about your business that adds character, then find a creative way to incorporate it into the office. Have a custom bobble head made for each team member to display in the conference room, pay homage to history with an empty oak barrel in the lobby or find an antique phone booth and display it proudly. If nothing else, a little quirk breaks the ice and serves as a conversation starter for visitors.

  6. Write on the wall
    After 85 years of digital sans serif fonts, typefaces that mimic human handwriting are still popular. Whether it's the freeing feeling of smooth ink on paper or the personal touch that it conveys, handwriting is clearly here to stay. So write on the walls, whether chalkboard or white board. It's a great way to channel creativity for a brainstorming session, pen a welcome note to visiting clients or celebrate a team member's birthday. Never underestimate the power of a personal touch.

  7. Puppies!
    When in doubt, get an office pet. When in the market for an office pet, always pick a puppy. And, when picking a puppy, adopt don't shop.

Do you have other ideas for creating a wicked cool office? Share your tips in the comments below!