Content Marketing Trends to Watch in 2019

Finding new ways to position your brand as a credible source of information is central to successful digital marketing. We expect these trends to drive audience engagement in 2019.

As content marketing continues to evolve, communicators have had to diversify their skills to lead in a rapidly-changing world. Finding new tactics to position your brand as a credible source of information should be central to any digital marketing strategy. Here are three trends we expect will drive audience engagement in 2019.

1. Live Videos

Live videos have dramatically changed how brands can speak directly to customers and position high-level executives as thought leaders through real-time interaction. With live videos now integrated with practically every social media platform, brands can promote new services, conduct behind-the-scenes tours and lead teaching sessions around relevant topics. We expect to see even more brands jumping on the live video bandwagon in the new year.

2. Micro-Influencers

For smaller brands or those with regional audiences, influencer outreach sometimes provides minimal return on investment. Securing a celebrity product placement or attention from a national influencer with millions of followers may not always be the best use of your time. 2019 will bring the continued rise of micro-influencers, advocates for local brands and regional attractions. These influencers often have fewer followers than celebrity influencers but they make up for it with higher rates of engagement. The cost to work with a micro-influencer is often lower, too, saving money and maximizing return.

3. Online Groups

Consumers, especially millennials and Gen Z, have become more savvy in aggregating the content they see — they consume only what’s relevant to them. Platforms like reddit, Nextdoor, Meetup and Facebook Groups allow people to engage with like-minded individuals through candid conversations and shared experiences. Topic-driven platforms offer opportunities for both B2B and B2C brands to leverage employees or loyal customers to facilitate one-on-one conversations in a controlled atmosphere. Using groups as listening tools also allows you to get a sense of public perception and proactively manage the reputation of your brand.

Need help building emerging trends like these into your 2019 content marketing strategy? We’d love to help.