Creativity Chat with Cris

A Q&A with our newest Graphic Designer, Cris Valle!

Our newest graphic designer Cris Valle joins our team with 14 years of experience, spanning the education, restaurant, sports and entertainment industries. We sat down with Cris to explore what inspires him, his most memorable work and even got his thoughts on AI.

Check out Cris’s answers to our nine questions below.

Q: What inspires you and brings you joy at work?

A: I get inspiration from the opportunity to solve big problems. Providing a solution that knocks it out of the park really brings me a lot of joy.    

Q: What was it about being a graphic designer that got you excited to work in this field? 

A: I’ve always been a shy person and I wanted a way to express myself. Like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, and I can freely design/express those all day.    

Q: What campaign or project that you’ve worked on is your most memorable/favorite?

A: Working on the SnapDragon and Buffalo Bills sponsorship campaign. It's like a match made in heaven; two great products; a lot of fun deliverables that are tangible while also being viewed by millions of people. It’s Monster Crunch Time! 


Q: You’ve had some fascinating experiences before coming to Slide Nine, what were you working on before joining our team?

A: I was freelancing and collaborating on designs for local Miami restaurants, Washington DC schools, corporate rebrands and live events.  

Q: What trends have you noticed in the design world? Anything to watch out for in 2022 and beyond?

A:  AI art generators and AI in general. The artwork that AI can produce is really impressive, but the question always arises, will they replace the industry?! I don’t think we need to worry about it yet.

Q: What are some best practices that brands and organizations should keep in mind when developing creative content?

A: It’s important to keep things consistent and cohesive. Sometimes too many chefs in the kitchen can make for a salty soup. It is our goal to bring a client's vision to life and giving clear and consistent direction helps turn a vision into reality.

Q: Let’s say you’re watching a commercial, looking at a print/digital ad, etc. As a designer, what sort of things are going to catch your eye? What special touch are you looking for?

A: The use of typography. Is there a unique font pairing I haven't seen that may inspire me in future projects? Is this a custom font or hand lettering?     

Q: Have you seen a piece of creative work that you think really hit it out of the park? If so, who was the company/brand, and what did they do well?

A: I really enjoy gaming so I’m always keeping an eye on what happens in the gaming industry as a whole. When Santa Monica Studio (@santamonicastudio) revealed its rebrand, I was really inspired by how a studio that develops many iconic IPs (intellectual properties) can translate that to its logo, making it fit many themes. Their logo is simple yet dynamic and impactful.

Q: What creative/design account(s) do you follow?

A: @thechrisdo, @chalkandbrush, @matthewencina

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