FrazierHeiby Restructures to Add Value and Grow

We just upped our game.

FrazierHeiby has made strategic staffing moves to ensure sustainable leadership, elevate the experience working with and for our agency, and – ultimately – drive scalability and growth. “The market is evolving at a breakneck pace and our clients deserve smart, strategic thinking that’s in tune with the latest tools, trends and best practices,” said Bryan Haviland, President and CEO. “We’re not sitting back – we’re taking active steps to move the firm in new directions. This intentional restructuring will maximize the value we bring to our clients and create new career paths for our employees.”  

We've hired Peppercomm and Hot Paper Lantern alum Lauren Parker as executive vice president. With more than a decade of experience working at agencies in New York City, Lauren will guide business strategy, drive development and expand client service offerings. She brings expertise counseling clients through brand building, corporate communications, reputation management and content marketing – all with an emphasis on helping consumer and B2B brands navigate the digital ecosystem.  

Changes to the existing staff will further expand services and capabilities. Doug Frazier will take on the role of chief creative officer, overseeing an agile team of creative design and digital professionals. Ann Mulvany and Whitney Somerville have been promoted to vice presidents, focusing on operations and client services respectively. They will continue to lead core accounts.  “FrazierHeiby has provided integrated services to brands and organizations for more than 30 years and it’s well-established in the Midwest market,” said Lauren. “I’m excited about the opportunity to take the firm to the next level and expand expectations around what we do, where we play and who we serve.”