Forecasting the Future: Insights on AI, Earned Media and the Creator Economy in 2024

Our team shares their predictions.

A new year has just begun, but we’re already thinking ahead to what new developments 2024 will bring to PR and marketing. As we look forward, we expect big changes in visual media (looking at you, AI), the modern newsroom and the creator economy. Our team has compiled a few predictions and insights that PR and marketing professionals should keep in mind as we dive into the new year. 

The AI Boom Will Require More Guardrails:

“This year, I think there will be a continued push for regulations around AI-created materials, similar to copyright regulations and attribution requirements. Brands will voluntarily be more transparent with their use of AI—for example, identifying content as ‘AI-generated’—to increase acceptance in the industry. Conversely, brands will choose to identify what content is not AI-generated. Online content creators will also look to monetize AI use. 

The continued boom in AI will require greater AI literacy, teaching the public to recognize what is real and what is AI-generated. For instance, there have been AI-generated images sold on stock sites that have been falsely used in news stories.”

— Cris Valle, Senior Graphic Designer

Thought Leaders Will Shine in the Earned Media Spotlight:

“With newsrooms shrinking year over year, contributed content is on the rise. Where possible, consider identifying opportunities where your subject matter expert can weigh in with a bylined article. This is especially prevalent with industry trade publications. 

Pitching educational, non-promotional articles focused on anything from industry trends to case studies is a fantastic way to get your organization's leaders in front of the right audiences.” 

— Katie Coulter, Associate Director

The Creator Economy Will Continue to Develop (and so Will Regulatory Concern):

“I predict that we'll see big shifts in the influencer marketing space. We've already seen the Federal Trade Commission keeping a closer eye on influencers for failing to clearly disclose sponsored content, and I think that concern will only continue as brands devote a bigger portion of their marketing budget to influencers. 

Additionally, as the creator economy becomes even more saturated with influencers, I believe brands will be more selective with who they choose to collaborate with—opting for more micro- or nano-influencers over larger creators to get more bang for their buck.” 

— Julia Knaggs, Account Executive

Social Strategies Will Return to Their Roots:

"This year, I anticipate more social media managers will shift strategies to focus on platforms that actually yield business results. Over time, many organizations have exerted great efforts to maintain content across multiple platforms while also tailoring it for each platform's audience. While I believe maintaining a presence across various channels is still going to be important in 2024, I think marketers will prioritize platforms that significantly impact the bottom line.

In addition, I expect video content to continue yield the best results, thanks to avenues like TikTok and Instagram Reels. The content format, algorithms and audience engagement on these video platforms encourage businesses to move away from only broadcasting their messages—instead, it encourages them to actively listen and respond to customer interests. This approach allows businesses to build better brand awareness and establish more meaningful relationships with their audience through engaging and entertaining social content. I think in 2024, we will see a return to the core principles that initially attracted brands to the social space, placing audience desires at the forefront of business objectives and social strategies."

— Alex Malone, Digital Strategy and Content Specialist

As always, our team will be keeping a finger on the pulse of these trends and other changes affecting the PR and marketing space in 2024. Looking for a partner to help your brand stay on top of the trends and weather those changes? Give us a shout!