Head to BrandCamp for Brand Communications Breakthroughs

Almost every client comes to us with some form of misaligned brand assets. It may be a lack of clarity about positioning and drivers or brand communications that lack cohesion. Sometimes it's a name or logo that does not effectively support the mission. In any case, the solution requires change. And, though change can lead to success, it can also create counterproductive angst and resistance.

We see countless businesses dictate change and then experience outcomes diminished by apathy or confusion. It's clear that the communications and management processes introducing change are just as important as the resulting change itself. Our firm has developed a number of tools to foster understanding, buy-in and engagement. One of our most innovative is BrandCamp - a fun and effective workshop to develop, refine and better align brand communication strategies, as well as to create ambassadors to help ensure success.

Used to develop mission and vision, value propositions, positioning, company/product names, logos and visual identities, BrandCamp melds brainpower, team collaboration and positive energy to yield creative ideas without boundaries.Following significant upfront research, we thoughtfully assemble words, phrases, visuals, and even colors, to inspire the group. We then mix "summer camp" fun and hard work into team exercises that help identify brand communications assets, qualities and opportunities. The result is a clearly defined and vetted brand communications approach.BrandCamp also builds success through participation and creates buy-in for goals, processes and expected outcomes. And, if we've chosen the right BrandCamp client team - a critical component for program success - they naturally become the motivated and energized ambassadors needed to champion change.

How do you address brand communications and change within your business or organization?