How Community Service Benefits You

I learned the benefits of volunteering early in life. I was active in my church, was a Boy Scout, volunteered at food pantries and did community service projects with student groups in college.Today, as an active member in my local Rotary Club, we are working to stamp out Polio and support deserving local programs through donations of time, talent and financial resources. Each of these activities has taught me how heartfelt support can change a person’s life.At FrazierHeiby, we also embrace the concept of giving back. Through hundreds of hours of annual community service, we have impacted confidence in hospice programs; built awareness for domestic abuse support programs; focused strategies that influence the future of Appalachian Ohio; supported inclusive opportunities for individuals with disabilities; and supported a national program focused on the health, safety, education and empowerment of girls. But guess what? There’s a secret here. Not only are we “paying it forward,” but we also see every effort returned in personal connections with other folks who care and share our values. We build trust and do good work together, which leads to camaraderie, friendships and more. Giving back has attracted talented staff members and it has also connected us to new clients and resources that have boosted our business. Without volunteering, FrazierHeiby would not have the same team attitude and values.

I am proud that FrazierHeiby has served approximately 100 deserving nonprofits and charitable entities in the last 30 years.