How to Design an Effective Marketing Email

It may start with the subject line, but getting potential customers to open your email is only the first battle in a multi-pronged war. Good visual design plays a major role in driving recipients to take your desired action. Follow these steps to design an effective marketing email that really delivers.

  1. Use responsive design.Your emails must be able to adapt to various mobile devices. Make sure that the software and template you use are responsive and allow you to preview based on screen size. Email marketing is a waste of your time, energy and money if recipients can't properly view your email on their phone. Remember, nearly 68 percent of emails are opened on mobile.
  1. Maximize white space. Graphic designers everywhere will tell you that white space is a critical - and often overlooked - visual element. De-cluttering your emails will make them easier to read and increase the chances that your audience takes the action you want.
  1. Spice things up with relevant images. Visuals are critical for effective email marketing. After three days, people can remember 55% more if an image is included, compared to text alone. Use original brand photography, purchased stock images or even freebees to amp up your emails' visual interest.          
  1. Use bright colors.There's a fine line between bright colors that catch the eye and glaring mashups that kick start a migraine, but there's no doubt that color plays a major role in how we communicate. Researchers have spent years developing color theories and designers use them to fuel recommendations. Leverage that research and live out the findings in your email marketing.