How to Get Your Media Release Noticed

Reporters are bombarded with hundreds of emails and media releases every single day. How can you make your pitch stand out in a sea of subject lines?

Do a Double Take

Make your subject line worthy of more than just a glance. Once your message has been clicked and opened, you've won half the battle. Put just as much time and thought into your subject line as you did in drafting your media release or pitch.

Make It Easy

Put everything needed in the body of the message. You can attach relevant materials and links, but use the body of your e-mail for your actual release. Make it easy for the reporter!

Know the News Cycle

The timing has to be right. Don't send a release right in the heat of the news day. If you are hoping to make the evening news, don't wait around until producers are working on stacking the show and writing scripts. The sooner you can get it in, the better.

Reach Out

Relationships are everything when it comes to working with the media. Get to know the reporters you are pitching and find out what's important to their audience. Make follow-up calls if you aren't getting the traction you hoped for!

One Last Check Point

Send your release to a co-worker for review. How do they rate your subject line and content? A second pair of eyes never hurts.

And, if all else fails and your pitches still aren't getting picked up, give us a call. We'll make sure your media release ends up in the right hands.

Communicate better. That’s what we help you do. Because better communication means better business.