iPhone Video Tips: Equipment

iPhones pack a powerful punch when it comes to shooting video. Learn how to step up your game with a few extra accessories that can help you produce a high-quality video for your company or organization.

External Mic

Bad sound can kill a great video. Amp up the volume with an external mic. They are great for interviews, especially if you're in a noisy environment. There are mics on the market that connect to your headphone jack and even your lightning port for newer iPhone models.


Poorly lit video is a deal breaker. Indoor lighting can be especially difficult and often results in grainy footage. External lights are like a pocket full of sunshine for moments when you don't have access to natural lighting. Lighting attachments come in many different varieties including cases, clip-ons and small spotlights that can be used on or off your phone.


Tripods are great for holding steady, but they can also remove you from the action. My advice is to only use a tripod if it's absolutely necessary. Studio interviews or time-lapse videos are situations where you might find a tripod beneficial. Otherwise, invest in something like the Beastgrip Pro to stabilize your video without hindering your ability to get in on the action.

Extra Charge

Shooting video can quickly drain the battery on your iPhone. If you're shooting video in the field, away from access to a wall charger, investing in a portable battery charger is a smart idea.If you're still on the fence about purchasing accessories for your iPhone, a mobile photography kit is a great start. It will give you a feel for a variety of equipment and help you identify the accessories that will be most beneficial for your video needs.Looking for more tips and tricks for shooting iPhone videos?