iPhone Video Tips: The Basics

We all know that visual storytelling is the front-runner in today's multimedia landscape. While not everyone has access to top-notch video production equipment, most of us have a smartphone right at our fingertips. The iPhone in particular is a fabulous tool for brand journalism. Here's what you need to know to shoot a quick video for your company or organization.

Go with the flow
Put yourself in the middle of the action. Stagnant video is boring and it's important to find the movement in whatever it is you're shooting. Your little iPhone is the perfect tool to get up close and personal without getting in the way.

Find the right angle
Perspective is everything when you're shooting a video, so make sure to test different angles. Sometimes finding the perfect shot means getting on the ground or hovering above the action.

No vertical video
Think about it-televisions and computers are all wider than they are tall. When you hold your phone vertically, you end up with black bars on either side of your video during playback on a computer or television. Your best bet is to shoot your video horizontally.

Opt for easy editing
Even though editing can get a bit technical, it doesn't have to be difficult. Software programs like Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro allow for extensive and complicated edits, but you don't always need to go that route. For editing on the go, try a simple app like iMovie that allows you to edit video directly from your phone.

Not only does the iPhone shoot high quality video, it's also quick. You can shoot, edit and share videos within a matter a minutes without spending thousands of dollars in production fees. Go ahead and give it a go!

Stay tuned for future posts with additional iPhone video tips, including a list of equipment you can use to step up your game.