Meet Our Account Associate, Jesse!

We're excited to welcome Jesse Burke to our Slide Nine team as an account associate.

We’re thrilled to have Jesse join our Slide Nine team as an account associate. As a recent marketing graduate from The Ohio State University, Jesse brings a background in content creation, social media and data analytics.

What brings you joy at work? What inspires you?

I am most inspired when I’m able to use my creativity for problem-solving.

What drew you to the communications field?

Since I was young, I have been fascinated by creative advertising, especially punny brand names and catchy slogans—occasionally coming up with a few of my own! However, it wasn’t until college that I realized I could actually make a career combining my love for advertising with my excitement for storytelling. 

‍How do you approach creating a memorable client experience?

This will be my first experience agency-side, but I plan to form a strong foundation built on understanding and trust to deliver desired results for each client. It’s my goal to provide an authentic, personalized experience every single time. 

‍What trends are you keeping an eye on for 2024?

Like many, I’ll be keeping my eye out for AI and its continued integration in the world. I’m also interested to see the fate of TikTok and how that could impact every brand’s social strategy. 

‍What’s the biggest win or most exciting work you’ve done throughout your career?

One of my most exciting (and interesting) experiences was during my time as a communications intern at ODNR’s Division of Forestry. I had the privilege of creating content promoting Smokey Bear and occasionally being his voice at the Ohio State Fair (but shhhh, that’s a secret).

What tools/websites do you use to keep up with the latest trends and news?

I love starting each day by browsing my various social media feeds, especially X and Reddit. Also, I’m a big fan of daily newsletters, like Morning Brew and The New York Times. Finally, I can’t forget the occasional Nightly News if I’m ever at my parents’ house!

‍What are you listening to while focusing on getting work done?

As an avid music listener, I am constantly switching up genres and artists. One day it’s Mac Miller and Adele, the next it’s Phoebe Bridgers and Zach Bryan. However, the sound that never fails to get me focused is the box fan near my desk that’s been running for about four years straight!

What are you most looking forward to in your role with Slide Nine?

I’m most excited to work with a team of such creative and passionate individuals.