Meet Our Account Associate

We're excited to welcome Skyler Black to our Slide Nine team as an account associate!

We’re thrilled to have Skyler join our Slide Nine team as an account associate. As a recent Miami University graduate with a dual major in Journalism & Emerging Technology and Business Design, Skyler brings her PR skills and passion for writing to the team. 

What brings you joy at work? What inspires you?

I feel most fulfilled when my team and I achieve goals while enjoying the process. True success, to me, is delivering 110% on projects and fostering better connections with team members.

What drew you to the communications field?

As a child, I used to write articles and produce a weekly magazine for my family and friends. Over the years, my love for storytelling has grown, particularly my passion for connecting people to issues and organizations that align with their values.

‍How do you approach creating a memorable client experience?

The key to creating remarkable client experiences lies in listening and building trust. By understanding a client's needs and desires, we can move forward with confidence and success, align expectations and goals and deliver top-notch services that lay the groundwork for successful, trusting relationships. 

‍What trends are you keeping an eye on for 2024?

2024 is quite the year for discussions on artificial intelligence and politics. With the 2024 election approaching, I'm interested in seeing how regulations on AI continue to develop, especially in discussions around healthcare, privacy rights and more. I'm also intrigued by how AI will impact the communications/PR industry.

‍What’s the biggest win or most exciting work you’ve done throughout your career?

One of the most inspiring experiences of my career was my time as an environmental and political reporter for The Chautauquan Daily. I delved into environmental issues in Western New York, connecting with influential figures working to address these challenges. Additionally, my team and I found ourselves reporting on a national tragedy — the stabbing of Salaman Rushdie at his lecture in Chautauqua. Our work informed national news sources, sparking a worldwide conversation about freedom of expression in the West. It was truly an inspiring experience that only strengthened my passion for giving voice to things sometimes overlooked. 

What tools/websites do you use to keep up with the latest trends and news?

I live and die by the Daily Skimm! That newsletter helps me start my day with everything newsworthy and trendy. My morning routine also includes a brief perusal of The New York Times, AP News and my Google Alerts of terms I am particularly interested in. I am also no stranger to TikTok and Reddit. 

‍What are you listening to while focusing on getting work done?

My playlist is a constant rotation of Phoebe Bridgers, Paul Simon and Bon Iver — or the Twilight Series soundtrack. If I need to hunker down and get things done, I turn to Nirvana, Pavement or TV On the Radio!

What are you most looking forward to in your role with Slide Nine?

I am excited to build relationships within Slide Nine and our clients. I am particularly thrilled to work with team members who are passionate, smart and determined to help bring client visions to life.