Meet Our Account Manager

A Q&A with Ellis Johnstone

We’re thrilled to have Ellis Johnstone join our Slide Nine team as an account manager. Ellis has a rich history in agency and is a passionate storyteller. Read on to learn more about her!

What brings you joy at work? What inspires you?

I enjoy working collaboratively with a creative team to tackle unique requests and develop new opportunities for our clients.

What drew you to the communications field?

As someone who values the power of communication, I have always been fascinated by the art of crafting effective messages. I believe that successful communication can make or break an organization, and I am passionate about helping businesses and individuals to tell their stories in a way that resonates with their target audience. I take pride in helping my clients to communicate their message with clarity, impact and authenticity.

‍How do you approach creating a memorable client experience?

Creating a positive client experience starts from day one, as it's crucial to have a deep understanding of their unique needs. This involves actively listening to their concerns and expectations, and working closely with them to develop a clear understanding of the outcomes they hope to achieve. Effective communication and mutual understanding foster trust and enhance the quality of work delivered to our clients.

‍What trends are you keeping an eye on for 2024?

I enjoy staying informed about the latest news and trends in different industries such as healthcare, education and technology. Keeping up-to-date helps me grasp the overall picture, and you never know when something you read can benefit your client.

‍What’s the biggest win or most exciting work you’ve done throughout your career?

That's a tough question. I've been lucky enough to work on some really exciting client projects and campaigns. However, if I had to pick one, I would say that working with an incredible team, I had the opportunity to execute multiple large-scale paid media campaigns that significantly increased all of the top KPIs the client valued. 

What tools/websites do you use to keep up with the latest trends and news?

I enjoy reading Axios Columbus daily newsletters as they provide quick and concise information on current news and trends. I will also explore The Columbus Dispatch, The New York Times — nothing too fancy. 

‍What are you listening to while focusing on getting work done?

Nothing. Am I crazy??? I am not one to listen to anything while working, although I will play a CrimeJunkie podcast every now and then. 

What are you most looking forward to in your role with Slide Nine?

I am thrilled to be working with Slide Nine. I am especially looking forward to collaborating with this team of talented professionals and working together to deliver the best results for our clients.