Meet our Senior Account Executive, Gillian!

We're excited to welcome Gillian Janicki to our Slide Nine team as a senior account executive.

We’re thrilled to have Gillian join our Slide Nine team as a senior account executive. Gillian’s PR experience encompasses both strategy and creativity. With a genuine passion for storytelling, she’s dedicated to shaping impactful brand experiences. 

What brings you joy at work? What inspires you?

I love the collaborative and fast-paced nature of PR. I am a lifelong learner and especially love flexing my creative muscles during a brainstorming session.

What drew you to the communications field?

Growing up, I always wanted to be famous. When that didn’t pan out, I decided to make a career out of making companies, brands and organizations “famous” instead!

‍How do you approach creating a memorable client experience?

Creating a great client experience starts with organization and positivity. Going into every interaction prepared and optimistic helps reinforce confidence in our team and ensure we’re bringing our A game.

‍What trends are you keeping an eye on for 2024?

I’m eager to see how TikTok and social media in general will change in 2024. Also, it’s my personal belief that Katy Perry will have a rebrand this year and I’m very much looking forward to that!

‍What’s the biggest win or most exciting work you’ve done throughout your career?

One of my favorite things I’ve ever done was create a TV advertisement for a community commercial bank. From writing the script to storyboarding to supporting the video shoot and finally seeing it air on live television, it was such an incredible and rewarding experience!

What tools/websites do you use to keep up with the latest trends and news?

I am a huge fan of The Cut! I love to read all of their articles—pop culture or otherwise. I’m also a Gen Z-er, so I see a lot of news on TikTok, Instagram and X. 

‍What are you listening to while focusing on getting work done?

Everything from Sabrina Carpenter to The Beatles. I always have music on in the background—it helps me focus. According to Spotify, last year I listened to 112,109 minutes of music!

What are you most looking forward to in your role with Slide Nine?

I feel so lucky to learn from such a talented and smart team! I’m most looking forward to creating strong relationships and sharing measurable results with my clients.