Reaching Baby Boomers and Seniors with Social Media

Recently, I had the pleasure of talking with a group of senior living residents about a new website. Their insights were invaluable and, as our meeting drew to a close, I asked about their use of social media. Their enthusiastic response may surprise you: Most used Facebook to find information or stay current on organizational news more than their own community’s website.


As we’ve written before, today’s Baby Boomers and seniors are a diverse group who seem to share one thing in common: They’re not old! Long gone are senior stereotypes of walkers and old-fashioned ways. As a whole, today’s retirees are healthy, fitness-minded and tech savvy. Most use social channels like Facebook as a way to keep up with family and friends but, while they’re there, they are often willing to engage with brands they care about.While we always recommend a diverse marketing mix including earned media placements, direct mail and engaging collateral, social media should not be overlooked when targeting Boomers and seniors. Images and stories are great ways to connect with this audience - and that’s why Facebook can be a perfect platform for this type of message. Positive, life-affirming - and even occasionally nostalgic - storytelling resonates well with Baby Boomers and seniors. Like any of us, they also value tips and news they can use to make life better.


According to Pew Research, in 2016, 72% of American adults between the ages of 50 and 64 were on Facebook, as were 62% over age 65. But Boomers and seniors are there primarily to see their grandkids’ latest soccer videos and dance photos, not to interact with brands. That’s why, as with social marketing to any audience, it’s critical to focus on high quality content that serves and doesn’t overtly sell. To keep your social content fresh for the Baby Boomer and senior audience, you’ll want to:

  • Feature images and videos of vibrant, active older adults
  • Share tips, articles and links that portray aging in a positive or even glamorous light
  • Avoid tired stereotypes and cliches
  • Keep your messaging audience-centric: It’s all about them, not you
  • Remember that this generation loved the Beatles, Elvis and Woodstock. They know how to rock!

Looking for more ideas about how to communicate meaningfully with the Baby Boomer or senior audience? We’re passionate about the topic and always up for a phone call or coffee.

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