S9 New Year’s Resolutions

With personal and professional goals whirling through our heads, we asked our team, “What resolutions are you setting for yourself as a member of Slide Nine in 2023?”

A new year brings new year’s resolutions—and we here at Slide Nine are committed to self-improvement. With personal and professional goals whirling through our heads, we asked our team, “What resolutions are you setting for yourself as a member of Slide Nine in 2023?” 

Sky Acevedo, Media Relations Specialist

"I would love to expand my data analysis skills in 2023 and explore opportunities for this type of content across client accounts."

Jordan Banks, Account Associate

“My professional resolution for 2023 is to focus more on my professional development by attending webinars, conferences and shadowing experts here at Slide Nine!”

Chris Coe, Creative Director

“​​My professional resolution for this coming year is to learn more about the impact of AI on design. It's fascinating to watch as AI explodes onto the scene and I'd like to be able to discover ways to bring that power to our creative work at S9!”

Derek Davis, Account Associate

“My professional resolutions for 2023 are to continue building meaningful relationships with my teammates and to continue working with our marketing team to create fun and meaningful content for TikTok!”

Julia Knaggs, Intern

“My professional new year's resolution is to revamp my LinkedIn profile to better represent myself and my skills, connect with other communication professionals, and utilize all the great content the platform has to offer.”

Cedrell Mitchell, Associate Account Manager

“My 2023 new year's resolutions are to participate in local volunteering to stay rooted in gratitude and pencil in therapy sessions for a healthier work-life balance.”

Sarah Morton, Operations Manager

“My professional new year's resolution for 2023 is to continue to foster a great agency environment and connections with the entire S9 team, but ultimately keep the wheels on the agency bus while Ann is out on parental leave!”

Wesleigh Mowry, Graphic Designer

“One of my goals for 2023 is to put my English major to good use and help do more writing for our clients. Is it weird that I miss researching and organizing data and writing essays? I'd love to stretch my brain outside of design!”

Ann Mulvany, COO

“With a baby on the way, I have to learn to balance new and intense demands on my time. Being more strategic with where I focus my attention. Clearer about what my boundaries are and more committed to keeping them. Wish me luck!”

Erica Newell, Account Manager

“In 2023, I want to deepen my connections with my S9 teammates as well as clients. Since we aren't always in-person, I want to make a point to find unique ways to continue to develop relationships further – whether that's collaborating, strategizing, or just having fun!”

Lauren Parker, CEO 

“In 2023, I'm committed to building intentional relationships with my team and clients, given the hybrid work environment. I want to find new ways to share my experience and learn from others around me.”

Sammy Peters, Account Associate

“My professional resolutions for 2023 include finding my own voice, learning to embrace my creativity more and continuing to push myself out of my comfort zone!” 

Kat Ricketts, Senior Account Executive

"I'm really looking forward to continuing to grow with Slide Nine in 2023. My biggest new year's resolution is to take on more leadership roles across accounts."

Kassidy Stricklett, Account Executive

“This year I want to form strong bonds with my clients, deliver quality content to clients and grow into my role here at Slide Nine!”

Kristen Tripodi, Media Relations Specialist 

“One of my professional new year's resolutions for 2023 is to deeply emerge myself in Talkwalker to learn all the ins and outs and apply this tool across all clients”. 

Cris Valle, Graphic Designer

“My new year’s resolution is to use and publish AI-created art for each of our clients. 🤖"

Valerie Wunder, Director

“My 2023 professional resolution is to get back to “old school” networking. With the pandemic I wasn’t able to meet with people face to face and I’m excited to start making connections the old-fashioned way- with a handshake!”