Saying So Long...But Not Goodbye

It is with mixed emotions that the FH staff has arrived at the end of 2015. Between the flurry of wrapping up client projects, developing 2016 communications plans for clients, hosting our staff holiday party and all the usual craziness the holidays bring, we also managed to host an amazing retirement party for our leader of 13 years - Tom Heiby.

How does the firm say goodbye to the incredibly talented leader who has grown this firm into one of the city's most respected public relations firms? How do I say goodbye to the person who took me under his wing and helped me develop both professionally and personally for over a decade?

I don't think there are words to express everything that the staff feels as Tom prepares for his last day at FH and begins his retirement.

However, in true FrazierHeiby fashion, we have attempted to sum up what it is like to work for Tom.

Things we won't miss:

  • Pieces of folded paper with our names on them on his desk (We know this means Tom needs to talk to us about something).
  • 8 a.m. Monday staff meetings. Only a sadist would do that.
  • Serial-killer, scrawl-like handwriting that even he can't decipher.
  • Consistently lying about the zoo having zebras. Kathleen has never seen them. Clearly, those photos are fake!!!
  • Tom's inability to deliver a koala bear that we can pet and hold.

Things we'll miss:

  • His Woody Hayes-like passion for this business.
  • His love for us - both in developing as professionals and, more importantly, as people
  • His values and commitment to doing what's right for clients
  • His thoughtfulness in developing winning approaches for clients
  • His willingness to try new things, even when he's not totally on board
  • His consistent challenge to make us better than we were yesterday.

Thanks to Tom's years of work, FH is positioned for continued growth with a very talented staff. We thank him for his legacy.

Taking a page from Tom's book (where everything has to have a theme), the staff has decided that our theme for the 2015 holidays will be "So long¢€¦but not goodbye."