Sliding Meta’s Threads Into Your Social Media Strategy

And what does this mean for Twitter?

By: Erica Newell

By now, you've probably already heard about Threads, a new text-based app and social media platform from the Instagram team – with many similarities to Twitter. And if you’re anything like our social media manager, this was probably the reaction you had when learning about another platform you have to manage.

While Threads is still in the early stages of its release, there are a few important next steps your brand should take to best capitalize on the popularity of this exciting new platform:

Remember, Threads is still in its infancy phase. A compelling brand story and messaging should always be your primary focus when it comes to social media strategy. Always trust your data and stick to what is working, while trying new tactics and preparing for new trends of the future…

Do you think Threads is here to stay? Will it take the top social media platform spot someday?  

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