Social Media Lessons from the Grammy Awards

On May 4, 1959 many of music's elite gathered inside the Grand Ballroom of the Beverly Hilton for the first annual Grammy Awards. Since then, the Grammys and technology have surely evolved - including social media. Social media has had overwhelming effects on award shows, including the number of viewers and constant reviews from critics.This past Sunday, social media exploded with reactions to winners, performances, outfits and speeches at the 59th Grammy Awards. Not only were Twitter timelines and Instagram feeds full of audience observations, celebrities also opened up online about their thoughts throughout the night. Social media made it very simple to stay informed as moments happened or see which celebrities had the best outfits on the red carpet. So what social media lessons can we take away from this year's Grammy Awards?

Social media is constant

One thing we can definitely learn from this year's Grammys is that social media does not sleep. Whether it's the Facebook video you watch before work in the morning or the tweet you read before you go to sleep, content is always being published.

This can make it difficult for your company to break through the clutter and get your posts seen. Some tips that will make it easier to get eyes on your content include hashtags, SEO optimization, boosted posts and the use of images or video within a post.

Everyone's a critic

With open access to all social media channels, you will most likely encounter individuals who aren't your company's biggest fans. Take the appropriate action to address critics or handle a crisis before it gets out of hand.

When should you address a crisis? When it could affect the company's bottom line. For example, will this issue cause the company image to change in a negative way? Will sales dramatically decrease? Is the safety of employees or other individuals at risk? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you should most likely address the situation.

Stay informed

In the world of communications, you never know what the next big thing could be. This profession is constantly changing and evolving, which makes it even more important to stay up to date and aware of the trends. This can help you gain clients and be able to address any questions they may have.

Anyone can view your content

Even if your account is set as private, what you or your company post on social media is out there for the world to see. We've all heard horror stories of images or comments being leaked and ruining an individual's career. Make sure you double check your content before you publish it and acknowledge that anyone could potentially get a hold of it.