The Columbus Trust Study: What Drives ColumbUS?

Next month, in conjunction with our research partner Illuminology, we'll release the results of the 2017 Columbus Trust Study. This second annual report compares central Ohioans to other Americans when it comes to trusting neighbors, media, employers and businesses.The discouraging and well-documented erosion of public trust is both a lesson and an opportunity for business and community leaders. From our deep dive into the trust literature and our 2016 Columbus Trust Study, we know that trust and enduring, positive organizational performance are linked.For the first time this year, the Columbus Trust Study will be presented by the Better Business Bureau Center for Character Ethics. Perhaps best known as a review and complaint resolution service for small businesses, the BBB offers so much more than that - including important work and services in the area of trust. We’re thrilled to have their support for year two of our trust study.

Tenets of Trust: the Three C’s

This year’s Columbus Trust Study findings will show that there are three "C's" in the trust equation. Basic character traits of company leaders, such as honesty, and the demonstration of an organization's competence, such as historic financial performance, are natural drivers of trust. As vital as character and competence are, the trust equation isn't complete without the third "C" - connection.  Making a connection with key audiences starts with communication that’s perceived as clear, open and transparent. Referrals from others and hearing your employees speak up on your behalf are credible validations that reinforce trust by building awareness and appreciation for your character and competence.People want to work with and for organizations with all three of these traits.We’re excited to share more insights next month when we launch the second annual Columbus Trust Study. To learn how to maximize your communications to earn customer and employee trust, follow #ColumbusTrust or contact us directly.