Tips & Tools for Staying on Top of the Non-Stop News Cycle

It’s harder than ever to stay up-to-speed. We’ve tested a number of tools to help cut through the clutter and stay informed.

With a 24/7 news cycle, plus the added layer of commentary and analysis on social media, it’s harder than ever to stay up-to-speed on the latest headlines and feel confident that you’re absorbing what matters. Over the past few years, I’ve sought out and tested a number of tools to help me cut through the clutter and stay informed. Here’s a sampling of my favorites.

The Skimm

This fun (and often funny) email subscription service does the heavy lifting for me. Each morning, I receive an email summary of the latest headlines with a concise summary of what happened and why it matters – served with a side of personality and wit. The platform has grown to include other features including news notifications, calendar integration and SMS functionality. I can Skimm over a cup of coffee and then move on with my day.


Reddit is home to some of the smartest, weirdest, wildest news and information. While visiting the site in the middle of the workday may unexpectedly pull you down a rabbit hole of fascinating and random points of view, you can subscribe to specific sub-reddit themes to keep you focused on the topics that matter to you personally or professional. For example, I subscribe to categories like content marketing, public relations, Futurology, and “Nature’s F****** Lit” (well, it is).


Do you ever come across an article that sounds incredibly interesting, but you just don’t have time to read it…then, at the end of the day, you end up with 37 open tabs in your browser? This was me until I found Pocket. It allows me to file away interesting articles into one consolidated app that I can open up and peruse when I have time later.


A few years ago, I was looking for a tool where I could aggregate multiple links with the intent to share with a group of people. Fortunately, I found Flipboard. The app allows me to easily curate interesting articles on topics of interest and add in other sources I come across on my own. Then, the program generates a beautifully designed magazine layout that I can circulate with friends, colleagues or clients. It’s been a game changer.

Tell us, how do you stay current on the headlines?