What Makes You Pause and Play?

Scroll through your social media feed and you'll see an endless amount of videos. Go ahead - do it. We'll wait here.

What made you stop and take a second look? If you're on Facebook, it's even harder to pass by a video with the auto-play feature. A good video tells a story, and that's key. A great story evokes emotion-it makes you laugh, shed a tear or feel compelled to take action. If you like a video, chances are you will share it.

With more than 6 million shares, the "Friend's Furever" ad for Android snagged the top spot on the most-shared video ad of 2015. Not only is the video adorable, but it also strikes a sense of nostalgia with its use of the "Oo-De-Lally" tune from Disney's Robin Hood soundtrack.

So, what do you need to take into consideration to make a share-worthy video?

Make it worthwhile. We can't all create a viral sensation, but we can make our videos worthy of watching. If you get stuck in a rut, check out HubSpot's "20 Ideas to Try Today."

It's no surprise that attention spans are shorter these days. The average attention span of a person in 2015 was 8.25 seconds, just a little less than that of a goldfish. There's no magic formula for determining the optimal length of a video, but going in with a clear message and end goal is key.

Know Your Audience
It's all about who you want to reach. Speak directly to what your audience wants-what will make them pause their day to play your video? Solid market research is essential to understanding the needs of your audience.

Bottom line-videos can be fantastic visual marketing tools with tons of potential for engagement and interaction. Need help brainstorming? Reach out to our team and we'll get you on the right track.