What Public Relations Means to Us

We asked everyone in our office to describe what PR means to them in only two sentences. Everyone had a unique way to define what public relations means to us. Here’s what we came up with:

Ann - We help clients connect with the audiences that matter. Using everything from strategic planning and content marketing to crisis and issues management — and everything in between — we help clients provide value and position themselves to meet audiences' needs.Bryan – PR is about doing the right things, then breaking through clutter by using the best messages and channels to make sure the right people know about them at the right time. It's not about putting a spin on wrong things.

Doug – PR is understanding how key audiences perceive our clients' business or organization. We work to encourage or change those perceptions to motivate behaviors that positively impact our clients.

Elizabeth – PR is helping clients tell their story and shape their brand. It means connecting clients with the right audiences and crafting a story in a way that makes the most sense and can be easily understood.

Evan - PR is about making an organization human. It's the process of turning a product or service into something meaningful by understanding how the public interacts with it and tailoring the brand experience to match.

Kathleen – PR is about understanding an organization from the customer's perspective and taking the steps necessary to help the organization communicate effectively. But more importantly, it's about paying attention to the small details and never using an Oxford comma.

Lara – PR is doing the right things for the right reasons - then sharing that story and other content with the right audiences using the right channels, and ultimately building the right relationships. If you get all that right - you'll be fine.

Mellissa – PR is any type of communication that is done in a thoughtful, well-crafted way.

Wesleigh - PR is getting the right message in front of the right audience at the right time. At FH, we work hard to make that happen by working with clients to help them communicate better.

Whitney – PR is listening, understanding and communicating messages that both connect and resonate with key audiences. What’s different about public relations at FH? It’s our people—we invest our passion into every aspect of the work we do for our clients.As you can see, there is no one way to define what we do. In a constantly changing world with many different clients and a variety of communication needs, our firm’s “public relations services” vary widely depending on the client.

Defining public relations can be difficult – but however you define it, we’d love to help your business craft a strategy to connect with your audiences!