Why All PR Students Should Intern at an Agency

An intern's perspective on working at an agency.

By Olivia Cohen, Strategic Communication Student at The Ohio State University

When I applied for the Slide Nine internship program, I knew I would gain practical agency experience that would go beyond what I’ve learned in the classroom. But I never expected the immense value and wide depth of knowledge I would receive. Not only did the team welcome me with open arms, I was able to work with top-level clients without getting lost in the shuffle of a larger agency.

Are you a PR, communication, or marketing student that gets tired of singular tasks and wants to make a big impact?  Are you hungry for knowledge, eager to try new things, and refuse to simply coast through college? If this sounds like you, here’s why you should intern at an agency before graduation:

Don’t Know Your Interests? Come Learn Them

The communications field is huge! In a career where you can essentially work in any industry you want, how do you find the right fit for you? My suggestion is to try everything. There’s no better place to experiment with your interests than at an agency, especially one with a broad range of clients.

When I applied to Slide Nine, I knew their clients varied from apple growers to architecture firms to fintechs. I knew this diversity would offer me an opportunity to deep-dive into many different industries. 

At an agency internship, you will learn to be fearless and courageously jump into new projects. You learn to adapt quickly, switch work flows seamlessly, and speak up when inspiration strikes. During my Slide Nine internship, my coworkers were always willing to help out, give feedback, and build my confidence to try my hand at new things. An agency internship will help you solidify your interests and point you toward your career post-grad.

Seize the Opportunity to Quickly Learn

As communicators, we become experts on everything. You’ll get to know the industries you work with like the back of your hand and become proficient in your communication skills.

But you don’t just learn about communications at an agency. You gain skills in prioritization, writing, client relationship building  and working on a team. Communications agencies are a great place to quickly build your skills and bulk up your resume before graduation.

My internship at Slide Nine also included several professional development sessions, giving me a deep dive on everything from new software to business development. The range of experience, dedication to learning, and transparency about business operations set this internship apart from any others I’ve had during my college career.

If you’re in Columbus, I highly suggest applying for the Slide Nine internship program when it opens again. The well-rounded internship experience simply cannot be matched. You’ll come out of this internship with a better understanding of PR, and most importantly, yourself.

Interested in applying for a future internship program? Visit Slide Nine’s careers page or contact the team with questions at internships@slidenine.com.