Why Design Matters to Reputation Management

In a previous blog post, we shared three tips to help maintain brand reputation. To be successful, you need to build your brand’s identity, perception and influence. Your brand encompasses more than your logo. It also includes any other graphics you use to display and promote your brand. When you think about reputation management, what likely comes to mind is what your audience says, thinks and believes about your brand. But equally important is how audiences see your brand — literally.

Your Logo Is The Face Of Your Brand

There are numerous games online that test how well you can identify corporate logos. A pink bell reminds us of eating cheap tacos, a chunky “M” is forever tied to watching music videos and an embroidered crocodile conjures memories of polo shirts. Your brand might not be as recognizable as Taco Bell, MTV or Lacoste but, when your audience sees your logo, they think of you brand and their interactions with it. If your logo doesn’t accurately reflect your brand’s positioning and the way you want to be perceived by your audience, start by defining your brand’s strategy.  Then work with a designer to craft a brand (or rebrand) that will reflect and enhance your reputation.

Your Graphics Tell Your Brand’s Story

Athletes in motion. Upbeat music. Victory. Black screen with a stylized check mark. Without even saying the name of the brand, you know the story: the athletic wear trusted by sports stars, and available to everyone, can make you victorious. It’s a compelling story that says a lot about the Nike brand. Storytelling is an essential part of promoting your brand and every visual you use helps to build up or tear down your reputation. Are the graphics you’re using enriching your brand’s reputation? The images, illustrations and even colors of your brand tell a story. Make sure it’s what you want your audience to hear by staying consistent after you’ve defined your brand. When it comes to managing your reputation, don’t forget about the importance and impact of design.

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