Why User Experience (UX) Matters for Recruitment

Want to attract top talent? Make sure your site sends the right signals to who you want to come along with you.
UX for recruitment.png

People — particularly younger generations — want to invest their time with a company that cares about them and shares their values. Employees don’t want to just go to work anymore; they want to have a sense of belonging to an organization. As a result, job seekers are doing their homework and looking beyond the job boards and Glassdoor reviews. They are looking at company’s websites to see if the career opportunities and culture are a good fit.

For all these reasons, there are a number of factors we consider when developing a website aimed at attracting top talent:

  • State your mission and values clearly and throughout the site.
  • Feature videos and employee testimonials to showcase what it’s really like to work there. Use images and footage of the real team, only stock when absolutely necessary.
  • Clearly list benefits and perks of the job — not just health insurance and retirement plans, but also opportunities for professional development, mentorship and social engagement.
  • Use common language and visual cues that aren’t overly complex or riddled with jargon.
  • Ensure the application process is as easy as possible. Avoid multi-page click-throughs and numerous input fields. Allow for easy upload of resumes and live links to resources candidates may need to access.
  • Have an always open door. Include a section that encourages qualified candidates to submit their CV and contact information even if they don’t see an open position. This helps build your talent pipeline and avoids applicants feeling like they have to fit in a very specific box.

Your website should serve as a window into the organization. Make sure it is an authentic reflection of who you are and sends the right signals to who you want to come along with you.