Seek the Snap

How we ripened brand awareness for SnapDragon apples


Crunch Time Apple Growers came to us with a problem: the group made up of over 150 NY-based growers responsible for marketing SnapDragon apples needed to increase consumer awareness of its apple brand in a marketplace flooded with competition. We were tasked with raising brand awareness and to help spread the word about SnapDragon apples to both new and existing consumers. 

Strategy and Tactics

To raise brand awareness for SnapDragon apples, we utilized paid media tactics and social media influencer partnerships. Through recipes, social posts, and highlighting the flavors of the unique apple, we planned to drive sales of SnapDragons in key markets where the apples are readily available. In 2021, we executed a satellite media tour and partnered with numerous influencers to spread the word about SnapDragon apples.


Our campaign to raise awareness was ultimately successful, increasing customer knowledge in all of SnapDragon’s key markets. Our Satellite Media Tour generated over 50 million impressions in our top priority states and our PIX11 cooking segment was viewed in over 24,000 households. The season-long influencer campaign was a massive success that increased engagement on all of Crunch Time’s social platforms. By expanding consumer awareness and knowledge of SnapDragon apples, individuals were better informed as they shopped in the grocery store and online.