You Are Home

How we constructed a philanthropic
marketing program for Saint-Gobain
to donate a zero energy ready home


Saint-Gobain North America (SGNA) creates innovative solutions to make the world a better home for all colleagues, customers and communities. Their residential solutions, through all brands, but in particular CertainTeed, help developers meet the challenges of growth, energy efficiency and environmental protection. Individuals and families will benefit by living in an eco-responsible home that promotes wellbeing.

SGNA’s shared ambition is the wellbeing of our community, neighbors and colleagues. Through its commitment to sustainability, they’re making the world a better home. SGNA is creating innovative solutions for the future—today.

Strategy and Tactics

Saint-Gobain North America’s corporate philanthropy team approached Slide Nine with a vision: they wanted to build a sustainable home in a low-opportunity community using their building product materials and donate it to a local nonprofit, who would select a family best suited to its benefits. They tasked our team with taking that concept and building a comprehensive program, known today as “Sustaining Futures, Raising Communities.” 

The purpose of the campaign centered on promoting the story of Sustaining Futures, Raising Communities through earned and social coverage of the January 26, 2022 home dedication. And, to tell a unified story of how four equal partners–one multinational corporation, an international nonprofit, an area homebuilder and a local family worked together to make a dream become reality. 


In terms of results, the event exceeded expectations based on planned measurable objectives, as follows:

Objective 1: Increase media coverage by double compared to previous months based on number of placements and media scorecard values (based on publication value/domain authority, placement in publication, content quality, additional asset inclusion, award mention, website, and brand sentiment).

  • We increased coverage by threefold based on previous months, with three stories total from the event, all of which scored 21/25 on our multi-factored media scorecard.

Objective 2: Increase website visits by 20% compared to previous months.

  • Website visits increased by 27%.

Increase organic social media (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) posts, impressions and engagement by 15-20%

  • The total of 11 posts generated a 15% increase in impressions, 48% increase in number of engagements, and a 37% increase in engagement rate.