Public Relations

PR is in our DNA. It’s where Slide Nine started nearly 40 years ago, and it’s even more important today. Our 24/7 news cycle and constant connectivity to smart devices, create more opportunity for brands and organizations to engage directly with key audiences — and more risk for the organization’s reputation.

Our approach to PR centers on transparency, authenticity and storytelling to build meaningful relationships between our clients and the audiences they wish to influence.

Media & Influencer Relations
Our team of communications experts leverages skills in storytelling and relationships with key journalists and personalities to insert our clients into the news cycle in a way that highlights their key points of differentiation, expertise and value.

We help our clients:

  • Craft the story
  • Identify the target(s)
  • Gather the assets
  • Develop the approach - advance, exclusive, etc.
  • Make the pitch, sell the story
  • Create a briefing book
  • Prepare spokespeople for interviews
  • Staff interviews
  • Follow-up
  • Monitor
  • Market the coverage

Executive Thought Leadership
People don’t want to engage with a logo; they want to engage with other people. They want to understand a brand or organization’s values demonstrated through the words and actions of its leadership. It’s important for companies to cultivate authentic and accessible executives with valuable knowledge and perspective on issues their audiences genuinely care about. At Slide Nine, we help develop programs thatexplain and promote thought leadership positions that stand out and resonate.

  • Platform Development
  • Identifying Stories
  • Message Development
  • Interview / Presentation Training
  • Speaking Opportunities
  • Awards
  • Social Media Management

Community Engagement
Many of our clients have deep footholds in their communities. They look to our team to help them deepen relationships and create meaningful experiences for their customers, members, and other public audiences.

  • Messaging
  • Broker relationships with PIOs and other influencers
  • Sponsorships
  • Events

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