Social platforms continue to evolve.

So should your strategy.

Find out what’s working, what’s not and opportunities to improve.

Social media is not a set-it-and-forget-it channel. New platforms pop up (hi, Threads). Old platforms evolve (thanks Elon Musk). Channel features are enhanced (LinkedIn carousel posts), while others disappear (peace out IGTV ✌️). And, it continues to become more difficult to reach your audience organically (effin’ algorithms). 

You are busy keeping the content flowing, developing campaigns, looking at your analytics, responding to your community and gaining buy-in from leadership… let’s be honest, the list could go on forever. It can be difficult to find the time to take a moment to pause and assess.

  • Is social media helping you reach your business goals?
  • What content resonates best with your audience?
  • Is there a new social media platform you should explore? 
  • What are your competitors doing on social media and how do you stack up against them? 

With our Slide Nine social media audit, you’ll gain outside perspective and insights on ways you can up your social media game.

Looking over the shoulder of a woman at a casual business meeting who is taking notes in a notebook with her smartphone one the table

Our Social Audit Includes:

  • An in-depth analysis of profile, content and analytics for up to four social media channels. Channels can include Instagram, LinkedIn, X (formerly Twitter), Facebook, TikTok and/or Pinterest.
  • Recommendations by social media channel based on in-depth analytics and content analysis.
  • Insights based on Sprout Social analytics report.
  • Recommendations for improvement.

We’re ready to get to work.

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