3 Creative Ways to Use HARO

Discover 3 creative ways to use HARO to identify high-quality media coverage opportunities.

HARO (Help a Reporter Out) is a fantastic resource for identifying media coverage opportunities. If you’re not familiar with the tool, it helps connect journalists on deadline to the right source through daily email queries. Just make sure you know the rules of engagement before jumping in. Beyond using HARO for its intended purpose, you can take the tool to the next level with these three unique tips.

1. Track trends
Keep tabs on the types of HARO requests you see each day. Are there any recurring topics that are relevant to your industry? Think about how you can use these topics to your advantage. You might find content inspiration for your blog, newsletter or social media channels.

2. Identify local opportunities
Most HARO requests come from national media outlets, but don’t let that stop you from utilizing the tool. Use the topics you see at the national level to stay ahead of the game in your local market. Are you an expert source for something you see trending? Proactively offer insights to your local media contacts. It’s all about building relationships and being a trusted resource.

3. Practice your pitch
Use HARO requests to practice your pitching skills. Reporters are inundated with media pitches on a daily basis. Pick a topic you’re familiar with and find a unique hook. What would make you stand out above the rest? This is a great exercise for junior staff and interns to learn the ins and outs of pitching.

Have you had any success using HARO or other communication tools in creative ways? We’d love to hear your thoughts, tips and tricks.