6 Tips for Better Blog Posts

Writing better blog posts can help your online marketing strategy by boosting website traffic and SEO. Blogging is still a relevant and vital part of a business’ communication strategy. Follow these six tips to instantly improve your blog posts.

1) Write an eye-catching title.Select a title that includes your chosen keywords and entices your readers. Use a blog topic generator tool like HubSpot or SEO Pressor if you need help coming up with an effective blog title.

Pro-Tip: Keep your title under 60 characters so Google doesn’t cut it off.

2) Use external and internal links.Include at least one internal link to a previously published blog post or content offer on your website. This will help drive traffic from your blog to other parts of your site. You’ll also want to include at least two external links. These help boost credibility for your blog post.

3) Repeat your keywords.Identify which keywords you are using in your blog and use them in the title, body and URL of your blog post. This will help your SEO and make your blog more searchable. It’s good practice to repeat keywords but only in ways that are natural for the reader. You do not want to awkwardly overload with keywords for the sake of SEO.

4) Include images.Find at least one photo, graph or chart that relates to your blog post. Images can help explain your material and add visual interest to large blocks of text. Search for free stock photos or use tools like Adobe Spark or Canva to create the perfect graphic.

5) Write for your target audience.Make sure you’re writing with your target audience in mind. If your blog post doesn’t speak to the people you are trying to reach by addressing an interest, need or concern that they have, you’ve missed the mark.

6) Share your content.Blog posts aren’t something you can “set and forget.” You need to share your blog post as much as possible. Use different content marketing tactics to share your blog post. You want to spend more time promoting your content then creating it.

If your business’ blog needs a kick-start — or if you don’t have a blog yet — we’d love to help. Contact us to learn how we can create and implement a content strategy to meet your communications needs.