Copy Editing Tips to Elevate Your Content

Today, we’re creating content at breakneck speed. In the last two years, 90% of the data in the world was generated — an absolutely mind-blowing statistic. A result of our content-crazy world is more informal writing, where we’ve allowed emoji and gifs to do the talking for us. But informality shouldn’t mean lazy writing, littered with typos and crimes against grammar.If you want to elevate your content, here are some more tips for creating copy that would make your high school English teacher proud.

Use Spell Check

While spell check is seriously flawed, it’s an easy first-line defense against blatant typos. But always review your copy after using spell check. While it will catch misspelled words, it may not detect the nuances between there, their and they’re.

PRO TIP: Take spell check to the next level with online grammar apps like Grammarly.

Print It Out

Reviewing your writing on a piece of paper instead of a screen can help you spot errors you might otherwise miss. (And for the sake of the trees, recycle when you're done.)

Read It Out Loud

Yes, reading copy out loud might make you sound a bit crazy, but it’s incredibly effective for spotting errors, not only in your writing, but in tone and flow. Reading it in reverse is also helpful, especially for storytelling.

Know Your Weaknesses

Do you have trouble spelling certain words or get confused about when you’re supposed to use a semi-colon? Understanding your personal pitfalls will make you more vigilant in identifying and correcting them.

Review, Revise, Repeat

Good writing usually takes more than one draft and one round of editing. If you’re preparing content for a client or your CEO, take the time to make it right. Whether it’s a speech or a blog or just an email, review and revise a few times before you hit send.

Do you have other fool-proof copy editing tips? Share them in the comments below.