Creating a Thought Leader in Manufacturing

How we elevated Saint-Gobain Life Sciences’ CEO as a subject matter expert


Saint-Gobain Life Sciences is a global organization that designs, produces and distributes fluid management components and systems to industries like biopharmaceuticals, medical, food and beverage, personal care and chemical. It’s headquartered in Solon, Ohio with manufacturing facilities across the world. 

After competing heavily for talent during the COVID-19 pandemic, Saint-Gobain Life Sciences wanted to generate more brand awareness of its business, both to increase brand recognition and credibility and to position itself as an employer of choice in the Greater Cleveland community. 

Discovery and Insights

To develop a successful foundation for achieving these goals, we conducted a thorough discovery process. This process included a competitive analysis to determine the positioning of other CEOs in the community, an audit of the CEO’s LinkedIn platform and “mining for gems” sessions with the CEO and other leaders within the business. Ultimately, we created a comprehensive message map for the CEO, which identified thought leadership pillars and key messages for each focus area. We then used this message map to implement our strategy and tactics.

Strategy and Tactics

To achieve the goals set forth in collaboration with Saint-Gobain Life Sciences, we developed a comprehensive PR strategy with a main focus on elevating the CEO as a thought leader, industry expert and leader in Greater Cleveland. Our plan was made up of four main approaches: 

  • Elevating, developing content and managing the CEO’s LinkedIn profile
  • Securing earned media opportunities
  • Identifying community involvement opportunities
  • Securing awards and speaking opportunities

      The insights from our discovery process allowed us to build a strong owned channel where we could freely create and test content. Once we successfully developed the CEO’s online presence through owned channels, we utilized her growing platform to generate interest from key members of the media. Because we saw success with content focusing on the topic of psychological safety on the CEO’s LinkedIn page, we also decided to apply that same message pillar to our earned media efforts. 

      This allowed us to immediately land media placements for the CEO, as she had already established credibility online. After successful media placements, we then had additional proof points for community involvement opportunities, awards and speaking opportunities.


      We built a solid foundation for the CEO’s thought leadership on LinkedIn by creating short-form and long-form content around psychological safety. This content was posted over the course of five months from February 2022 to June 2022 and received:






      total views 

      These results showed strong engagement with and enthusiasm for the CEO’s thought leadership. Ultimately, the success of our LinkedIn strategy built the CEO’s credibility, which in turn led to strong media placements.

      In two months, our team secured several feature placements surrounding psychological safety, which garnered:






      (out of 20) 
      average score on our proprietary media scorecard