Space Lasers on Nasdaq

How we rocketed Mynaric through a historic IPO


In 2021, Germany-based laser communications start-up Mynaric selected Slide Nine as its North American agency of record ahead of its U.S. IPO. Tasked with building a brand presence in this country, particularly among financial and aerospace industry media, the Slide Nine team developed a robust PR strategy and led all B2B media relations and executive thought leadership for the brand.

Objectives for the program included:

  • Expand  the corporate reputation so stakeholders will see Mynaric as a credible organization and support the listing.
  • Identify, attract and engage the techie/space community in the U.S.
  • Support fundraising. Rally the financial community to raise capital for the commercialization mission.

German Space Lasers: In Space, In the Air, and Now on Nasdaq



Strategic Planning
Public Relations
Content Marketing


Slide Nine also partnered with Nasdaq to understand the support services and PR moments provided when a company lists. Some of these items included executive and investor engagement at the listing event; video and photography capture at the event and billboard signage at Nasdaq’s office in Times Square.

To understand the significance of a Nasdaq listing and how to communicate the details of the funds raised, Slide Nine conducted primary research on other companies from the aerospace industry which had completed an IPO. In addition to reviewing the earned media coverage, we also examined how these announcements were shared internally and received by the workforce.

Large group of Mynaric employees gathered at the New York Stock Exchange
Group of mynaric employees holding light sabers gathered in front of the Nasdaq with the mynaric logo displayed on the large billboard behind them

Strategy and Tactics

Our approach was to have as much legwork completed before the day of the listing to allow for real-time updates to key audiences through earned media, social media and internal communications. We did this through:

  • Media pitching to trade and financial media outlets
  • Branded social media content for Mynaric and key executives
  • High-touch engagement with customers to share in the listing announcement
  • Video content to help tell the Mynaric story

Slide Nine had a collaborative team both on-the-ground at Nasdaq headquarters and at our home office monitoring the earned media and social media activities throughout the day to maximize and amplify the messages. We worked directly with the Mynaric executives on-site to provide preparation, coaching and feedback on the media interviews. Our team relied on the real-time reporting from Talkwalker to track the online conversations and overall success of the program.


Mynaric made waves around the world with news of its IPO, generating 372 media results globally and 115 in the United States resulting in: 

  • Potential reach of 13.4B, aggregating total audience of each publication
  • 45 engagements including likes, comments and shares across social media channels

Key placements included CNBC, Bloomberg and Via Satellite. Worldwide, the United States was edged out only by Mynaric’s home in Germany, marking continued media momentum in the U.S., including:

  • 31% of global media coverage
  • 98.5% of the total potential global reach at 13.6B

The online conversation globally spread with 53% occurring in the U.S. and 32% in Germany. 

Satellite in space with laser beams shooting off of it