Thinking Outside the Bunker

How we elevated Silostop Agri as an expert voice in silage protection solutions

Silage (noun): forage crops that have been fermented and stored, often in a pit or bunker, to preserve nutritional value for feeding to cattle and other animals.


Silostop Agri is the global leader in all things silage, known for their high oxygen barrier films that increase the quality and amount of silage farmers can produce while decreasing the amount of plastic used. Having grown the brand’s presence internationally, the Silostop Agri team turned to Slide Nine looking to raise brand awareness in its North American markets.

Silostop Agri logo over a photo of farm workers covering crops with silage film

Strategy and Tactics

Our work began with a competitive media analysis to gauge Silostop Agri’s share of voice (SOV) among its competitors in the agricultural plastics market. Upon conducting the analysis, we saw an opportunity to increase Silostop Agri’s SOV through a strategic campaign with media relations at its forefront. 

Tactics within this campaign included:

  • Developing targeted pitching, press releases and byline articles sent to popular publications among silage producers
  • Securing influencer partnerships with creators involved in agriculture and the dairy industry
  • Developing owned content for the Silostop Agri blog in alignment with the company’s brand voice and goals


Share of Voice Before Partnership

Share of Voice After Partnership

The campaign was successful in elevating Silostop Agri as a leader in all things silage across the North American markets. Over a six-month period, our team was able to: